All the Dogs You've Ever Known

by Home Lives

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Home Lives is:
Mike Horgan (guitar, bass, + vocals)
and Brittany Cohen (keyboard + vocals)

Drums by Noah Bowman

Bass on Deepest/Darkest by Chris Daly
Bass on Wonder Woods by Tony Mancini

Recorded, produced, and engineered by Chris Daly at Salvation Recording Co. in New Paltz, NY

Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music

All songs written by Mike Horgan, except Deepest/Darkest, written by Brittany Cohen + Mike Horgan

© Home Lives 2016


released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Home Lives Queens, New York

just a colossus or two

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Track Name: 20-Something
I haven't seen you in a while now
Thinking about you really brings me down
I heard you're out of the hospital gown
But you're still too fucked for me to be around

I've felt old since I was a kid
How did I inherit this morbid shit
Manic Depression, Bipolar II
Or just another 20-something with nothing to do

School has been over for eternity
Now I work until 5:30
Would my grandparents be proud of my degree
Does my dog smell defeat on me

I've felt old since I was a kid
How did I inherit this morbid shit
Manic depression, bi-polar II
Or just another 20-something with nothing to lose
Track Name: Deepest/Darkest
I like the taste of beer on your lips
But I worry about you in between sips
I sit to your left and brood quietly
Because I know each drop is a piece of me

I try to forget this OCD
Because in three months, you're gonna leave me
Tell me it will be okay
Queens isn't that far away

I just wanna rest my head on your king-sized bed

You know me so well now
You think you've got me figured out
I cover my lips to hush the sound
But these words just come pouring out

I just wanna rest my head on your king-sized bed
I can only rest my head on your king-sized bed

I've seen beauty in your flaws, your family, and your dogs
I've found that living in regret will only make this harder

I can only rest my head
Track Name: Young Blood
Like a puréed fruit
My time in the blender has changed me
I just need time to regroup
I'll get it together eventually

Will you trim away the grey from my green thumb
Would you love me without this young cum
How would you feel if I lost all my hair
When I'm a walking corpse, will you still care

What rough beast
Its hour come round at last
Slouches toward Poughkeepsie
To be born
Sips a tallboy
Charges a phone
On the way from New York
Via Metro-North

It took me a year to write this song
26 now but I won't be for long
Track Name: Wonder Woods
I've lived a life that I'm not ashamed of
I've known darkness and I've known love
Done things that my parents never did
I've raised dogs like I would kids

I am standing at the precipice
With a crumpled dollar in my fist
Pants are filled with so much piss
Is this what it's like being 26

I've made art just to be dismissed
Had my heart broken by a kiss
I've been burned by friends that didn't care
But I still put myself out there

I am standing at the burning bridge
And here I thought I was just a kid
Thrust into the world from the tit
Is this what it's like being 26

I've been hurt by my own mother
But I swear that I still love her
I'll be on the playground after school
Somewhere in time, we're still kids swimming in my pool